Make Music with a Garden Xylophone


  • Empty glass jars, you can have different sizes or the same size

  • Dirt, grass, rocks, water, mud or anything else kids can find outdoors to fill their jars

  • Two sticks or spoons

How to make:

  1. Wash and dry jars

  2. Set the jars on a flat surface outside and fill them with different objects found around the yard. We filled our jars with leaves, rocks, mud, dirt, grass and water.

  3. If your jars are all the same size fill them with different amounts of objects from the yard. This will change the sound for each jar.

  4. Once the jars are filled you can use sticks or spoons to play the xylophone while the jars are sitting upright. You can also set them in a pile of loose dirt one their sides and leave them in your garden for kids to play music and refill each time they play outside!

Activity by Rose Mattozo, Sprague Site Coordinator

Photo Credit & Inspiration:

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