Make Matisse & Picasso Inspired Self Portraits


  • Colored paper (or you can color white paper using crayons, markers, or paint)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (we recommend glue sticks but any glue will work)


  • Use a dark sheet of paper for the background.
  • Cut out crazy shapes to create your self portrait. You may decide to draw shapes with pencil first or cut out your shapes freestyle.
  • Think about the shapes of certain facial features before you cut. The more abstract the better!
  • Lay your shapes on your paper to form your self portrait how you like!
  • You can experiment with frontal (from the front) and profile (from the side) perspectives.
  • Next glue your shapes on the paper. Have fun layering colored shapes on top of each other.
  • “Check out the new YOU!”

Below is an example by my friend Heather Wilson. She did her whole family 😊 !

Activity by Rachel Jong, Hardy Site

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