Make DIY Foam Paint

This craft looks like it will be fun either indoors or outside!

Supplies needed:

  • Shaving cream
  • Glue
  • Food coloring
  • Card stocked paper
  • Zip locked bags
  • Scissors.

Caution: This might get messy so be advised to use a tarp to place over table before starting.


  1. Mix equal parts of shaving cream and food coloring(as best you can)into the zip locked bag.
  2. Then mix the food coloring within the bag with shaving cream and glue. Make sure you seal the bag.
  3. Squish the bag together until all 3 ingredients are mixed.
  4. Get your card stocked paper and place it on the table. Now it’s time to create.
  5. Cut off a corner at the bottom of the bag but hold it in place so nothing can drip out.
  6. Hold the zip locked bag over your paper and draw/write your creation.

Note: This activity can have a theme like sand/beach art or letter making, or let the kids use their vivid imaginations and go themeless. Once the art is created set the project aside to give it time to dry (in most cases this will dry overnight).

Activity by Eric Porter, Hardy Site

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