Make Container Bubbles

Why I share it with elementary school students:

It’s a fun way to play with bubbles indoors

What you need:

  • A large empty container (such as a big bowl or a dish pan)
  • A tablecloth or bath towel
  • One straw for each participant


Cover the table with your tablecloth/ bath towel and set the container on top.  Pour enough bubble soap into the container to make a thin layer on the bottom. (I use less than a quarter inch.)


Tell your child to stick one end of the straw into the bubble soap and the other into his/ her mouth.  Your child can then start blowing bubbles.


Sometimes children have trouble instantly figuring out how to blow many bubbles this way.  They may insist that it doesn’t work or that they need more bubble soap. If this happens it is a great opportunity to encourage problem-solving.  Suggest that your child try blowing faster or slower. Ask which way seems to work better.

Notice and talk about what your child is doing.  Has he or she made an especially large bubble, or many tiny ones?  Wonder out loud: I wonder if you can fill up the whole container with bubbles.  I wonder if you can get the bubbles to spill over the sides.  Your child may like doing this activity together with you or with a sibling.  Or, you could set up your own container nearby and comment on exciting things happening in your box.  For example, try to figure out how to blow a really big bubble. If you are successful and share that excitement your child may talk with you about how you accomplished this and try it too.

Activity by Robbie Hartery, Sprague Site

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