Make a Rainbow Walk

Lets get messy and make some art!

We recommend everyone do this outside to avoid some clean up!

Things you need:

  • A large tray that can hold paint… we will probably need more than one
  • A lot of different colored paints
  • A long roll of white paper (or you can take smaller pieces together)
  • Scissors
  • A cleaning station (we recommend a hose, water, and paper towels)

How to:

  1. Roll out enough white paper long enough for a child to take a few steps.
  2. Pour the paint colors the child wants into the tray.
  3. Have the child step into the pan and get their feet covered in paint.
  4. Have them step out onto the paper and walk on the paper, leaving their footprints behind.
  5. Important step! Once they are done have them wash their feet off.
  6. When everyone has finished, hose down the area.

Activity by Rachel Scanlan, Bates Site

Photo Credit & Inspiration:

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