Make a Fairy Garden

Use your imagination to create a majestic magical garden!


  • Something to contain your garden such as an old plastic container (tupperware, recycled food containers) or spare terra cotta pot
  • Any random craft materials including (but not limited to):
    • Recycled yogurt container or tissue box
    • Marbles, beads, plastic jewels
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Feathers
    • Markers
    • Scraps of cardboard or fabric
    • Pipe Cleaners
    • Tacky Glue 
    • Scissors
    • Outdoor materials:
    • Soil or Dirt
    • Small Sticks, Leaves 
    • Small stones
    • Moss, Flower petals
  • Your imagination!


These directions are just suggestions, feel free to make it however you like!

  • Use your plastic container as your base and fill it with some dirt or soil as your base.
  • Create a house for your fairy using a recycled yogurt container. Cut out a little rectangle as the door.  You could also build a small house out of popsicle sticks or glue popsicle sticks to a tissue box.
  • Decorate your house with gems, buttons, and markers
  • You can then add a walkway with marbles or stones.  Use the popsicle sticks for a fence instead.
  • Make a welcome sign out of cardboard, attach it to a small stick, and set it in your dirt.
  • Create the garden portion using moss or leaves as your greenery and petals for flowers.
  • Of course you could also build a tiny table and chairs or stick feathers into the dirt for some texture and color.
  • The options are endless, use your own creativity!
Activity by Nicole Little, Floating Teacher
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