Make a Chalk Obstacle Course 

This is a great simple activity and all you need is chalk


Obstacle courses are a great way to keep kids moving and having fun. Here is an example but kids love to create their own obstacle courses. This is a great outdoor activity to and helps improve coordination and movement skills. Great for all ages.


Make a start point and work your way around the driveway (or wherever you are making the obstacle course) by drawing different activities. Include many different tasks such as dancing, jumping, hopping, turning around, jumping on 1 foot, clapping, going backwards, etc. You could even include rocks or other objects and create a task around it. It’s a good idea to add in some ”break” activities such as make a wish, give high five to the sky, say your name, empty your pockets, etc. It makes the obstacle course more fun. You can create your own very fun and colorful obstacle course!

Activity by Lisa Vergara, Floating Teacher

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