DIY Musical Instruments: Hand Drum

Supplies Needed:

  • Empty Ribbon Spools
  • Paper Straws
  • Card Stock
  • Decorative Washi Tape
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Wood Beads or Bells
  • Glue

Steps Required:

Step One:

  • Make a hole on the bottom of the cardboard
  • Slide the paper straw into the bottom opening
  • Next, make a hole on both sides of the spool, right in the center (this is where the beads will be attached)

Step Two:

  • Cut 2 six-inch-long pieces of ribbon or twine
  • Tie a knot on one end of ribbon and, using your glue
  • Affix the ribbon to one of the side holes on the spool.
  • Repeat steps for the other side

Step Three:

  • Measure and cut 3.25-inch circles from card stock
  • Embellish two card stock circles with decorative washi tape

Step Four:

  • Glue the decorated circles onto the ribbon spools
  • Pick two beads or bells and thread them through the ribbon/twine and tie a knot
  • Secure the beads or bells in place with glue

Step Five:

  • Make some music!

Activity by Ali Moss, Floating Teacher
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