Create a Recycled Robot

These recycled robots are so much fun to make and only require recycled materials, some glue or tape, and a marker!


  • Any recycled items you want to use… here’s an example of one possibility:
    • a small cereal box body, plastic bottles for the legs, plastic tops from for the feet, plastic lids for eyes, strips of styrofoam for the arms, a bamboo skewer flagpole, soda bottle caps for details on top of head and ears, a large round spice container lid for the hat, blue painter’s tape for flag and body details
  • Permanent Marker(s)
  • Glue (if using a hot glue gun please ask for adult assistance!)
  • Painter’s or Masking Tape


  • Open boxes carefully at the side seam and reconstruct inside out, closing the box at seam with glue or tape.
  • Add details to the box with blue tape and then add features with a black permanent marker. Make sure you fix all parts with glue, and use masking or painter’s tape where you want to.

Enjoy  this opportunity to create your own unique robots! 

Have other art supplies around the house? You can add feathers, beads, and more to your recycled robot too!

Activity by Neddra English, Hardy Site
Photo Credit & Inspiration:

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