Create a Flip-O-Rama

Ours is Captain Underpants-inspired!

Check out Tiana’s video to see a flip-o-rama in action!


  • Paper
  • Pencil/pen

Additional Optional Materials:

  • Sticky notes, pads of paper, or notebooks
  • Colored pencils or markers


Think of a scene you want to animate. For this two frame animation, something repetitive and simple is easiest to do.

Some ideas: 

    • A ball bouncing
    • Flowers waving in the wind
    • Someone waving hello
Fold your paper in half like a greeting card. The outside of the paper will be the first image in the sequence and the paper behind it is the next part of the animation.
On the outside, draw your first picture and draw your second picture on the inside. For example, I drew a picture of myself standing with my arms down for the first frame. The second frame is me squatting with my hands up. Animated, it looks like I’m moving up and down and waving my arms! 
When your drawings are complete, animate them by holding the folded part of the paper down with one hand and gently flip the first page back and forth with your other hand. 
For more complicated animations like a ball rolling down a hill or someone slipping on a banana peel you will need more frames. With a pad of paper, sticky notes, or the corner of a notebook you can make your own flip book! With this your starting image will be at the back of the book. Draw out your animation one frame per page. If you are using a notebook it’s better to keep it small and in the corner for the best effect. When your frames are complete, hold all the pages in your thumb and let them fall quickly to animate!
Activity by Tiana Chu, Floating Teacher
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