My Application Was Received; What’s Next?

Finalizing Your After School Enrollment

  • Contracts and links to our registration app, UpBup, will be sent by email the week of July 1s​t​.
    • Use UpBup to complete your child’s paperwork by Wednesday, August 18t​h​.
    • Sign and return your contract, along with a $300 non-refundable deposit (required prior to starting After School).
  • If your child has a chronic medical condition,​ ​you are required to meet with our program director by Friday, August 27t​h.
    • A chronic medical condition is any condition where medication and/or medical treatment may become necessary while the child is at After School (life-threatening allergies, asthma, diabetes, seizure disorder, etc).
    • Your child cannot attend the program prior to the forms being properly completed.
    • Please contact the program at 781-235-1474 to arrange a time to meet with an adminstrator.

Visiting Programs

  • All sites have an “Open Door Policy” and we welcome visits from soon-to-be WCCC children and families.
  • Here are some guidelines we ask you to follow in order to make the visit successful:
    • Please do not visit at school dismissal time (prior to 3:20pm, 12:20pm on Wednesdays) as we are busy checking in students and starting our day.
    • Please call the site phone when you arrive so we can let you into the school.
      Bates (781) 603-5530
      Fiske (781) 603-7297
      Hardy (781) 603-5678
      Schofield (781) 603-7498
      Sprague (781) 603-7439
      Upham (781) 603-7335
    • Please supervise your child while visiting the program.

Open Houses

  • Each site will be holding an Open House for new and returning families prior to the first day of school.
    • This is an opportunity to get to know the teachers at the site and meet fellow students and parents. Light refreshments will be provided. An invitation will be extended via email in August.

What Else Should You Know?

  • Our​ ​website​ and​ ​Parent Handbook​ are great ways to learn more about the After School Program.
    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.